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Chief Flight Instructor:

John Larson

John Larson holds the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate and is the Chief Flight Instructor for both airplanes and helicopters for Corvallis Aero Service. John holds VFR and IFR flight instructor privileges for single and multi-engine airplanes, seaplanes and helicopters. He stopped totaling his flight hours when he hit 10,000. John graduated from the University of Iowa, where he served as their Chief Pilot and Pilot Examiner. He has flown in ambulance, ferry, fire fighting, cargo and executive transportation roles, and his passport shows he has flown in 33 countries.

Fixed-Wing Instructors:

Sean Kveum

Sean grew up on a remote island in South East Alaska, where his passion for flying started at a young age. He began his flight training in Tulsa, Oklahoma and finished his Instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings at Corvallis Aero Service. He is currently pursuing his ATP and excited to see what the future of aviation of will bring. Sean has a strong drive for success and takes pride in helping others meet their goals and aspirations.

Bryce Siegel

Bryce has always dreamed of being a pilot. After going on several airplane rides during his childhood, Bryce was convinced that flying was something he wanted to do. His freshman year of college he learned to fly while attending the University of North Dakota. He moved to Corvallis in 2008 and earned his instrument rating with the Oregon State Flying Club. After graduating from OSU with a degree in wildlife biology, Bryce decided that his true passion was aviation. Since then he has continued his flight training, earning his commercial and flight instructor certificates. Bryce is now working full time as an instructor and is eager to pass on his knowledge and love for flight.

Sean VanHatten:

Sean was bit by the flying bug at 9 years old when he went on a Young Eagles Flight; and shortly thereafter, he started flying remote control airplanes to learn more about flying. Sean soloed in a Citabria at 17 and completed his Private Pilot's license the week after he graduated high school. He then went to Central Oregon Community College where he acquired an A.A.S. in Aviation along with a commercial single and multi engine land certificate with an instrument rating. Sean is now at Oregon State finishing a B.S. is Physics. He obtained his CFI with the OSU Flying Club where he is currently working on a CFII and MEI. Sean's summer job for the past three years has been flying a Super Cub towing banners on the east coast. Sean's greatest passions in aviation lie with aerobatics, tail-wheel, and antique aircraft.

Richard Whelden

Rich's first flight was a $5 airplane ride his dad bought for him in the early 70's. Wanting to spend as much time as possible in the air, in the spring of 1976 at the age of 16, he started working on the line at Aurora trading for flight time. In 1994 he moved to Corvallis from Bend to start up a small business, and over the many years since, has developed a loyal cliental building it on excellent customer service.

Rich has always wanted to fly for a living and in 2001 sold just about everything and moved to Vero Beach Florida to attend Flightsafety Academy. Now, back in beautiful Corvallis and having been a member of the Oregon State Flying Club for many years, Rich is looking forward to helping club members and others in the flying community to reach their aviation goals.

Rotorcraft Instructors:

Mark Parmly

My journey towards becoming a commercial helicopter pilot/flight instructor literally took off when I decided to follow through with my burning desire to see what helicopters were all about. One day back in 2007 while traveling through Idaho, I swung into a local helicopter flight school to take my first helicopter intro flight in a Robinson R-22. From that very moment, I was completely hooked. I knew I absolutely had to fly helicopters for a living. The helicopter bug had bitten me! Two years later after getting my finances together, lots of hard work and dedication towards gaining my ratings, it paid off and I had become a helicopter flight instructor. Now, I get paid to do what I truly love doing: fly helicopters for a living and share my passion for helicopters with others while passing on my knowledge and experiences with anyone wanting to know what being bitten by the helicopter bug is all about.

Dave Pick

I have always had the passion for flying but fell in love with flying helicopters after taking my first ride in one. I started flying after high school in Redmond Oregon where I received my private and commercial certificates. Learning to fly in the high winds and cold weather of central Oregon gave me a well rounded foundation to build my career as a flight instructor and future commercial pilot. I moved to the Willamette Valley in the fall of 2008 where I completed my instrument and flight instructor course in the following years. I have been employed with Corvallis Aero Service since the spring of 2011 where I enjoy flying and giving others the opportunity to achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot.