Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Flight School


Corvallis Aero Service offers charter services in single-engine aircraft and helicopters. Our charter services are regularly used for a multitude of events and occasions. We frequently provide scenic flights over the Corvallis area for those who wish to see their homes from the sky. We also provide service for whale watching, weddings, and wildlife observation. Additionally, we ferry travelers from one location to another. A trip to the Portland Airport (PDX) from Corvallis takes less than an hour in our aircraft. The beach is a thirty-minute flight and the mountains are only forty-five minutes away. Odell Lake is also about a forty-five minute flight. Seattle, normally a long five-to-six-hour drive, is only a two-hour flight.

Cessna 172

Currently, we have a Cessna 172 and a Robinson R-44 available for reservations. Both of these aircraft allow for up to three passengers and baggage. If you wish to use our charter services or have any additional questions about a potential flight, feel free to give us a call.